As the research and development arm for UMUC, the Center for Innovation in Learning and Student Success (CILSS) leverages cutting edge technology and pedagogy to improve student outcomes. The center has several ongoing initiatives to promote student success through adaptive learning technologies, improved student pathways, targeted learner interventions, enhanced academic support services, and more.

Initiatives currently underway include

Adaptive Learning

The field of adaptive learning addresses students’ unique preferences, needs, and capabilities. Three UMUC courses are being redesigned to integrate and test adaptive learning technologies within course learning environments. Learn more.


Project Jumpstart is designed to help a greater number of underserved students by developing and supporting the best student pathways to increase retention and shorten the time it takes to earn a degree. Learn more.

Predictive Analytics

UMUC is analyzing big data and using predictive analytics to target effective learner interventions and improve student outcomes. Learn more.

Student Success

Through student engagement and academic support services, students get the help they need for success in the classroom. Learn more.


At the recommendation of CILSS, UMUC is moving forward with VoiceThread, a web-based application that supports a robust foreign language learning experience for students. Learn more.

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