How Two Institutions Are Personalizing At Scale

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Beth Mulherrin, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success, CILSS recently co-authored “Personalization at Scale: Two Institutional Journeys” for The Evolllution with Kathryn Green, Online Product Manager, Capella University.  They described the missions and student populations of UMUC and Capella and the differences in organizational structures and business models.   The authors also discussed the evolving student lifecycle support models aimed at improving student retention and learning outcomes, highlighting the different ways both universities are leveraging technology and data analytics to personalize learning and deliver innovative student learning models.

“I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with my higher education colleagues from Capella,” said Beth Mulherrin. “Engaging, sharing, and learning from each other in a collegial and constructive dialogue supports innovative thinking about current best practices and enables us all to improve our responsiveness to student needs.”

This is the first of series of planned posts by Green and Mulherrin who will be sharing their insights on how institutional innovation and collaboration can support student success.

You can read the first installment on The Evolllution blog.

ABoxSmoothFold16HRb_2”  mandelbulb design by ellenm1  is licensed under CC By-NC 2.0

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