The Learner Analytics Summit is Only a Few Weeks Away

The Center for Innovation in Learning & Student Success (CILSS) and the Office of the Provost is excited to host the Learner Analytics Summit at UMUC. The event held July 21 through July 23. Generously funded by the Kresge Foundation, the unique focus of the summit is learner analytics for community college transfer and completion. Our theme is Analytics: From Great Promise to Tangible Results. As such,  we have embedded in the conference a workshop that increases all organizations’ capacity to use learner and academic analytics. We are especially pleased to have Dr. Linda Baer and Dr. Don Norris, who will lead this workshop. The entire program will be informative and provide immediate applications back at participants’ organizations. Our keynotes from Dr. Mark Milliron, Dr. Bill Law, Dr. Laura Meeks and Dr. David Soo, promise to enlighten all. The final panel including Dr. Ellen Wagner, Dr. Karen Swan and Dr. Linda Baer will push the attendees to move beyond student success and completion to improved learning. Breakout sessions, will share useful academic analytic applications from expert practitioners.

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