Insights into Action

UMUC and Civitas Learning joined forces at the Sloan-C: 7th Annual International Symposium, Emerging Technologies for Online Learning to present on predictive analytics.  UMUC is committed to providing high quality education that is accessible to all as an open access institution while lowering costs. Using predictive analytics and effective learner interventions are critical to our strategy. UMUC developed a Student Success Initiative to evaluate the potential for predictive analytics to improve student outcomes and selected Civitas Learning as a key strategic partner. Since Spring 2013, UMUC has engaged in three pilots, utilizing Civitas Learning’s predictive analytics platform and Student Success Application, to apply targeted interventions and improve course completion rates. In the presentation, UMUC shared empirical results, insights regarding predictive variables and student risk factors, as well as lessons learned. Presenters included Darren Catalano, UMUC Vice President of Analytics; Karen Vignare, Ph.D., UMUC Associate Provost, Center for Innovation and Learning, and  Laura Malcolm, Vice President of Product, at Civitas Learning. Leave a comment to share your thoughts on the presentation as well as any experiences using predictive analytics you would like to share.

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